Sunday, June 10, 2012

Shoulding All Over Yourself

I should have cleaned the bathroom today.
I should have called you back.
I should have returned the Redbox. 
I should have grocery shopped.
I should have said “I’m sorry.”
I should have been kinder.

Should should should should should.  For the love, stop shoulding all over yourself.  Should is spoiled and rotten.  Seriously, STOP that.  You won’t be any worse off, I promise.    

Shoulding is particularly obnoxious because in response to all your own shoulding-around you can even think “I should be doing something instead of just shoulding.”  And maybe you mean it.  But really…

Nike was onto some serious hoopla with the JUST DO IT push.  As difficult as it can be, for whatever reason you’re shoulding all over yourself, you just need to DO something.  Or realize that you already are doing something.  Important.  Really important.  You can do one thing.  Right now.  God gives you enough time every day to do His Will. 

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.  God can’t steer a parked car.  We need you and your wonderful self.  Get a move on, my friend.  You’ll enjoy the ride.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dear Memory

doesn't this just look like a swing that would bring back memories?

It seems there are certain memories that will be there forever, for better or worse.  They are stunning, and have great power.  It's most impressive, at least for me, when someone else brings up a memory that catches me off guard.  How did they remember that?  It’s almost not fair that those we love should remember so much about us, bringing us back to who we are.  And even sounds and smells can surprise us, bringing us back to home, hardship, new beginnings, or sudden endings. 

there are always memories along with these bad boys
Accompanied by pain, joy, longing, or laughter, memories are just plain rich.  But not all memories arrest our mind and heart...only the special ones.  What I had for dinner last night, where I went grocery shopping, or the route of my run yesterday…not so much.  This means that some memories are still very much alive - stirring up thoughts, feelings, desires, dreams, aches, questions, peace, or hope.  While they don’t give us the permission (or ability) to live in the past, they do mean that God has more to say.  He wants to remind us of who we are.  He wants to bring us back to delight.  He wants to heal us in our hurting.  He knows the depths of our mind and heart.  He wants to reveal more.  So we’d be smart to let Him show us.  Sometimes this is not all.  But He is faithful, and He will bring to completion the good work that He started in us.  

Our memories are things of goodness, truth, and beauty.  Keep them close to your heart.  They don't mean less because they've passed.